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1 hard boiled egg

Cream cheese

Strip of bacon

Pancake batter



Breakfast Grenade
By Todd Nowak
Motor City Brats
Directions You need a little extra fire power to get you through the day while tailgating on the mean streets of Detroit. This simple and delicious recipe is not for the weak and should only be attempted by true tailgating professionals.

Hard boil an egg (or twenty)

Peel the shell off

Liberally apply cream cheese on one side of a raw piece of bacon

Wrap bacon around hard boiled egg (cream cheese promotes adhesion of the bacon to the egg)

Add a few dashes of salt and pepper

Whip up a batch of pancake batter

Liberally coat egg and bacon in batter

Heat vegetable/canola oil to 300 degrees

Drop in the egg and cook until golden brown

Not for the faint of heart, this confection usually strikes fear in the hearts of rookie tailgaters. However, this is absolutely delicious. Egg, bacon and pancake? Trust me, these ingredients have been proven to be delicious together. You've just never had it all at once.

This is one grenade I'm happy to jump on for my fellow tailgaters.

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